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Company Profile

Dalian Bio-Chem was initially founded in 2003.
In 2005, the company heavily invested in the Lvshun Development Zone to establish its initial production base.
In 2009, in order to further expand production capacity and meet market demand,
Dalian Bio-Chem invested 150 million yuan in Dalian Songmudao Chemical Industrial Park to establish an 80,000 square-meter factory
which is mainly used to produce Dalian Bio-Chem's isothiazolin series bactericidal agents.

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Product Application Domain

Bio-Chem products are widely used in oil field, pulp and paper, water treatment, metal-cutting fluid, marine paint, wood, plastic, leather, paint, cosmetics, personal care products,
textiles, fiber, carpet, building materials, recycling, cooling water sterilization, and power metallurgy & other industrial areas

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Marketing Network

At present, product sales have been ranked 1st in China,
and have been exported to Europe, North & South America, Southeast Asia and other continents and countries across the world,
with great reception and due praise from our clients.

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